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About Accolade

We supply portable units that dispense 100% natural, non-toxic, disinfecting hand wash solution that kills 99.998% of germs. Made in Canada, our hand wash is dispensed through a faucet by pushing on a foot pedal. These units require NO power, and NO water. They are available in a variety of colours, and can also be wrapped or decorated with business colours and/or logo.


Our Applications

Construction Engineer
Wedding Table Decoration

Construction Sites

Keep your Worksite disinfected and following all required COVID 19 protocols with an Accolade Solutions rental.


Your big day comes with enough planning, let us take care of the disinfection to make sure your wedding follows all protocols.

Family in Park

Public Events

Planning an event with COVID 19 protocols top of mind? Accolade Solutions has you covered with portable, water-free disinfection.

Parks and Recreation Areas

Ensure your park and recreation facility is clean and COVID-19 compliant with a portable disinfection station from Accolade Solutions.


100% Natural. 99.9% Effective

Portable and Durable

No Rinse Hand Soap

Disinfection for any Event

Our Happy Customers

“Accolade Solutions were incredibly helpful. The disinfection station was easy to use and helped us keep everyone safe and our event up to COVID 19 protocol”

Dara and James Levine

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